Which are the top 10 states in the US with the most casinos per capita?

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The ranking of states with the most casinos per capita can vary depending on the specific criteria used. However, based on available information, here are ten states that are often considered to have a relatively high concentration of casinos based on their population:

1. Nevada – Known as the gambling capital of the US, particularly Las Vegas.
2. Oklahoma – Home to a large number of tribal casinos.
3. South Dakota – Offers diverse gambling options including Deadwood’s casinos.
4. Louisiana – Known for its vibrant casino industry, especially in New Orleans.
5. Mississippi – Offers numerous riverboat and coastal casinos.
6. Montana – Known for smaller-scale casinos spread throughout the state.
7. New Jersey – Famed for the Atlantic City casino scene.
8. Iowa – Offers a wide range of casinos and riverboat gambling options.
9. Colorado – Known for its mountain casinos in cities like Black Hawk and Cripple Creek.
10. Indiana – Provides various riverboat and land-based casinos.

Please note that casino counts and regulations can change over time, and this list may alter accordingly.

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