Who are the top 10 most successful blackjack players in history?

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Determining the top 10 most successful blackjack players in history is subjective, as there is no definitive way to measure success in this context. However, here are ten notable blackjack players who have achieved significant success:

1. Stanford Wong: An author and professional player who developed multiple successful blackjack strategies.

2. Edward O. Thorp: Known for writing the groundbreaking book “Beat the Dealer” and pioneering the concept of card counting.

3. Ken Uston: A blackjack player and author who successfully sued Atlantic City casinos for the right to use card counting techniques.

4. Tommy Hyland: A prominent blackjack player and team manager who has been successful for several decades.

5. Don Johnson: Gained fame for his ability to negotiate favorable blackjack conditions, leading to substantial wins in Atlantic City casinos.

6. Bill Benter: While primarily known for his success in horse racing, Benter has also achieved significant winnings through blackjack.

7. Zeljko Ranogajec: Another individual primarily known for his success in other forms of gambling, Ranogajec has also achieved considerable wins in blackjack.

8. James Grosjean: An expert in blackjack strategy, Grosjean has authored influential books and made significant contributions to the game.

9. Max Rubin: Known for his longevity and success as a professional blackjack player, Rubin has also worked as a casino consultant and author.

10. Keith Taft: Considered one of the early pioneers of computerized blackjack, Taft developed advanced devices to gain an edge at the game.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many more successful blackjack players throughout history.

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