What are the top 10 gambling scandals in sports history?

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1. Black Sox Scandal (1919) – Eight members of the Chicago White Sox conspired with gamblers to intentionally lose the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds.

2. Italian Serie A Scandal (2006) – Numerous teams and officials in the Italian football league were involved in match-fixing, including referees being manipulated by betting syndicates.

3. Pete Rose Betting Scandal (1989) – Baseball player and manager Pete Rose was accused of betting on games, including those involving his own team, the Cincinnati Reds, which led to a lifetime ban from the MLB.

4. Calciopoli Scandal (2006) – Several top Italian football teams, including Juventus, AC Milan, Fiorentina, and Lazio, were involved in match-fixing and illegal betting activities.

5. Boston College Basketball Gambling Scandal (1978-79) – Several Boston College basketball players were involved in point-shaving, influencing the outcomes of games to meet the predetermined point spread for gamblers.

6. Hansie Cronje Match-Fixing Scandal (2000) – Former South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje was exposed for accepting money from bookmakers to influence match results.

7. Tim Donaghy NBA Betting Scandal (2007) – NBA referee Tim Donaghy admitted to betting on NBA games, including those he officiated, and providing inside information to gamblers.

8. City of Cockburn Football Scandal (1994) – A scandal in Australian Rules football where a team deliberately lost a game to manipulate the final series draw.

9. Socceroo Betting Scandal (2013) – Australian footballers were involved in match-fixing and illegal betting activities, resulting in bans for several players.

10. Sumo Wrestling Match-Fixing Scandal (2011) – Numerous sumo wrestlers in Japan were discovered to have been involved in match-fixing, leading to the cancellation of tournaments and subsequent investigations.

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