What are the top 10 strangest things ever bet on in a casino?

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While there have been numerous unusual bets placed in casinos, it is important to note that the list can vary based on individual experiences and local casino events. Here is a compilation of ten strange things people have bet on in casinos:

1. Lizard Racing: Some casinos organize entertaining lizard races where participants place bets on which lizard will reach the finish line first.

2. High Heel Races: Similar to lizard racing, high heel races involve individuals racing each other in high heels, with spectators betting on the winner.

3. Darts: While darts may not be considered strange, some casinos have taken it to another level by allowing patrons to bet on individual dart throws, such as hitting a specific number or bullseye.

4. Thumb Wrestling: Thumb wrestling events have been known to take place in casinos, allowing people to place bets on who will emerge victorious in these peculiar matchups.

5. Pig Races: Casinos sometimes offer pig races, whereby piglets compete for a first-place finish line position, and visitors wager on the outcome.

6. Baby Crawling Contests: Family-friendly casinos occasionally organize baby crawling contests, attracting both participants and bettors.

7. Chess Boxing: A combination of chess and boxing, this hybrid sport has seen wagers placed in certain casinos, where enthusiasts bet on the outcome of alternating boxing rounds and chess matches.

8. Cow Chip Tossing: Casinos located in rural areas, particularly during county fairs, might feature cow chip tossing competitions, where people place bets on how far someone can throw a dried cow dung chip.

9. Cockroach Racing: In some instances, casinos have hosted cockroach races, allowing guests to bet on the fastest roach crawling across a designated finish line.

10. Salad Spinner Roulette: A rather unusual variation of roulette, where the wheel is replaced with a salad spinner, offering unique betting opportunities and outcomes.

Please note that the availability of these events may be limited to specific locations or special occasions, and it is essential to check local casino offerings for current and unusual betting options.

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